April 2021 - Here we go again!

Stay informed, my friends! Just like Project Aisle, the Brownsburg Town Council has been rushing through a rezoning proposal that places I2 High Intensity Industrial Zoning directly adjacent to Brownsburg residents on Ronald Reagan Parkway. (For reference, all warehouses on Northfield Drive are zoned as I1/Low Intensity or MS.)

Visit our "new" website here for updates on issues with I2 Zoning on Ronald Reagan Parkway in Brownsburg.

8/27/2020 - UPDATE - Project Aisle has withdrawn their application!

What We Know about Project Aisle

Town officials are evaluating an economic development proposal called “Project Aisle” that will allow for a high intensity industrial facility to be zoned directly adjacent to agricultural and residential areas at Ronald Reagan Parkway and E County Road 400 N. The goal of this website is to raise awareness of this project so that all residents have a chance to voice their opinion on such a critical development plan. Only residents within a small range of the property were notified about this project via mail.

The corporation behind "Project Aisle" wishes to remain anonymous, but here are some facts that have been discovered along the way:

  • The facility will be a fully automated frozen food distribution facility accommodating 100,000 pallets with provisions for expansion.
  • The facility will operate 24 hours a day/7 days a week.
  • The designed layout of the facility will host parking/staging areas for 200 semi-trucks.
  • The primary structure will be up to 160’ in height.
  • The dock structure will be up to 65' in height, and the offices will be 30' in height.
  • This automated facility will hire up to 150 employees divided between 3 shifts.
  • The property is currently zoned for M3 High Density Multiple-Family Residential with a height limitation of 50', so approvals will be required to rezone the property and expand the height limitation.
  • The Town of Brownsburg Planning Department and Hendricks County Commissioner are advocating for full approval of zoning changes.
  • Industrial areas in the City of Lebanon are also being considered for the final site of "Project Aisle".    
  • This facility is expected to be very similar to the NewCold facility in this video (height=134.5' tall, 10,000 pallets a day=approximately 385 standard semi-trucks per 24-hour period).


Community Concerns

Brownsburg residents have shared a myriad of concerns about "Project Aisle", and the list continues to grow as more residents become aware:

  • The Town of Brownsburg Comprehensive Plan is not compatible with Project Aisle. This Plan allows for Flex/Light Industrial areas that are "well buffered and screened" from adjacent residential areas.
  • The surrounding traffic infrastructure cannot support such a high intensity industrial project.
  • The noise from the facility and semi truck traffic will be disruptive to all surrounding agricultural and residential areas.
  • Property values will plummet from noise, traffic and obstructions of view.
  • This project will discourage continued development of commercial and light industrial areas on Ronald Reagan Parkway.
  • The chemicals and waste used to sustain such a large deep-freeze facility will contaminate the water quality of the nearby residential well water systems.
  • This project will "open the door" to many other industrial applications along Ronald Reagan Parkway that are not suitable in our area. Other I2 zoning applications include bio-diesel production, liquid fertilizer distribution, stone cutting, chemical manufacturing, crematory services, meat processing, and more. Having one I2 zone will make it easier for others to be approved and will discourage lighter industrial-I1 development along the parkway.
  • This gigantic facility is not only in the front yard of multiple neighbors, but it is in the front yard of the Town of Brownsburg. This building will become an integral part of the identity of our area.
  • Project Aisle will tie into the railroad system, which will slow down train traffic on US 136 and beyond.
  • Our small town is not appropriate for a facility that handles 200 trucks per day, but this facility could do as many as 200 trucks per 8-hour shift. You don't build the church for Easter Sunday, and you don't build the parking lot for the peak traffic either. This is terrifying.
  • The shadow of such a large facility will have a dramatic impact on properties to the east and west of it.
  • This facility has a very specific structure that cannot be recycled for other uses. What happens when the company behind "Project Aisle" goes bankrupt or decides to vacate once tax incentives expire?
  • If you would like to view my personal opinions on the topic, please click here and view the items in red.


Public Documents on Topic


How You Can Participate

  • Attend the Town of Brownsburg meetings on this topic to make sure that your voice is heard!
  • If you are unable to attend the 8/31 meeting, please submit your perspective via email to developmentservices@brownsburg.org to become a part of the public documents of the meeting.
  • Sign the petition opposing Project Aisle here.
  • Keep everyone informed by sharing the posted documents, online petition and website with neighbors.


Meeting Schedule

  • Monday, August 24, 2020 - 6:00 PM - Town Council Meeting Room at 61 N Green Street - Rezoning of area adjacent to Project Aisle for truck storage
  • CANCELLED ON 8/26/2020 - Monday, August 31, 2020 - 6:00 PM - Plan Commission Special Meeting for Project Aisle Rezoning, Development Review and Primary Plat Approval - Public comments will be allowed with a 5 minute limitation per speaker


Disclaimer: The webmaster is opposed to Project Aisle.  If you are looking for a means to show support and advocate for Project Aisle in Brownsburg, please click here.